Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Weekend Update

The weekend started off as a great bachelorette weekend, but then took a quick and painful nose dive!

Friday night I had great plans. First, I was meeting some old coworkers for a fancy dinner. I was so excited to try a new (to me) Italian restaurant. For years, I’ve been dying to try this, but never had the chance. When my food arrived I was a bit disappointing, but I think I ordered the wrong dish. I hate when that happens! I have faith that the establishment is well worth the praise it receives.
After dinner it was off to see The Lion King. My old coworkers now work for a really cool company that gave us box seats to The Lion King. Also, the box seats came with a food and drink suite. We were able to go: before the show, during intermission, or after the show to snack and drink-for free! SO not only did I get to see The Lion King up close, I also ate cheese and crackers in a special room during intermission. Really, could you ask for more? No!
The evening was going wonderful. I was having a great time with my old coworkers/friends and the show was so good! We were enjoying the second act, in our box seats, when my stomach started to hurt. I tried to ignore the pain, because I was sitting in box seats at a GREAT show. However, the pain quickly turned to nausea. I don’t do nausea. My teeth start grinding, I start sweating, and my mouth starts watering. I just don’t do nausea. After a few minutes of all that, I had to rush out of The Lion King for fear that I might blow junks all over my friend’s bosses. Luckily, I didn’t do that until I arrived home.

Instead of Land of the Hogs, it was more like Land of the After Hours Clinic. Sister #1 and I sat in the doctor’s office for almost three hours. Fun times! Props to Sister #1 for taking me to the doctor, she could have let me lie in bed and die! OH at the doctor's office, I did get to see the cute doctor from a few months ago. This time I didn’t have throw up breath, but I did have on two different running shoes, and my hair hadn’t been brushed. I feel it’s safe to say, that I can rule out cute doctor EVER asking me out!
The rest of my Saturday was spent sleeping, watching TV, or laying in bed looking at the ceiling.

The day resembled Saturday, except no Land of the After Hours Clinic. The ONLY perk to Sunday was Sister #1 cooking dinner for the whole family. Of course, I didn’t eat, but I watched everyone else eat a great meal.

As you can see the weekend started out as very hopeful, but then took a wicked turn for the worse! I’m thankful I didn’t have the Swine Flu. It was just a stomach virus.


Renee said...

oh I'm so sorry to hear this. I hope that you're feeling better. hugs

OK Chick said...

Thanks Renee! I feel much better.

TC said...

You know never. Sometimes guys just take forever. Third time might be the charm for you and the good doc :)

Glad you're feeling better!