Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Coupon Queen

Last night I had the greatest shopping excursion. After my Relay for Life meeting, I stopped at the grocery to pick up a few sale items. I went to the cash register with the following items:

(2) Healthy Choice Complete Meals
(1) 6-pk of Strawberry Fiber One Yogurt
(1) Premade Package of Guacamole

After sales, in store discounts, and manufacturer coupons I was thrilled to discover my total price was $2.73! I bought all these things for less than $3.00! Go me! Of course, I was so excited that I had to call my mom. She was very proud. She takes full credit for my cheapness.


Ally said...

I love good deals! I'm bad to forget to actually bring the coupons to the store/restaurant though. I'm impressed with your shopping :)

Ally said...

p.s. There are a lot of restaurant coupons, etc. for my area on the internet. You should check it out for your area.

Renee said...

woo hoo! what a great shopper you are. I need to reload my shopping card with coupons...I love getting deals that I forgot about. hee hee

Lori said...

Way to go! Matt and I went to the store for sale items a few days ago and saved $25!! I love finding a good, cheap deal!

Holly said...

You are awesome!

TC said...

I'm always impressed by your shopping trips.