Thursday, April 2, 2009

I call 'em like I see 'em

Often on this blog I yap about my Millionaire Matchmaking Hero, Patti. In a way, I’m like Patti. Except I don’t live in LA, and I don’t fix up my rich friends-seeing I don’t have any rich friends. But, I do love to play matchmaker.

This week my latest couple was scheduled to go out. It was a simple get-to-know-you coffee date. I was so excited for these two individuals to meet each other. The girl is a great friend of mine, and the guy is, Guy #1. You remember Guy #1? He was part of the whole YOY. He was one of the guys who asked me out, but then decided not to TAKE ME OUT! Ring a bell? Anyway, Guy #1 and I have remand friends despite our rocky start. I was certain him and my great friend would get along.

Ok, so now let’s fast forward to the big day- the day of their get-to-know-you coffee date. Mid-morning I receive an email from Guy #1. He decided he’s too busy for a simple coffee date, and wants cancel. I can’t stop Guy #1 from canceling, so I suggest if he’s going to cancel he should do it very soon, which he does. As you can imagine, this whole thing does not set well with me. Even though Guy #1 did reschedule with my great friend, it still annoyed me that he canceled so last minute. To be perfectly honest, I was border line pissed at Guy #1. I thought it was a pretty jerky thing to do. The following reasons are why I was mad:
*Both individuals agreed on the day they would meet, that means Guy #1 agreed.
*They planned the coffee date one week in advance.
*He had all weekend to get organized so he was free for the date.
*It just pissed me off!

Later that night, I was telling Sister #1 the saga of Guy #1 and my great friend. She agreed it was a jerky thing to do, and suggested I kick him out of my matchmaking club. I don’t have a club, but Patti calls her business a club. After much thought, or not much thought at all, I realized I couldn’t agree more with Sister #1. So Guy #1, you are now officially kicked out of my matchmaking club. Please, do not let the door hit you on the way out.


Holly said...

I totally agree with Sister #1. Good-bye Guy#1.

ann said...

Totally, totally agree. Boom. Roasted. Goodbye.

Renee said...

Guy #1 seems to have a REAL problem with first dates. Perhaps he doesn't have enough self confidence to go on a first date? Or perhaps this breaking the first date at the last minute and then setting up another date is a test he uses just to see how interested the girl is...if she is willing to still go out she must be interested or desparate.

Either are very right to kick Guy #1 out of your club. Patty wouldn't put up with his Sheet either! ;)

Bone said...

Good for you. That should have ticked you off!

I'm sure you can find much better guys... to fix your friends up with :)

monamachel1 said...

Ummm, I think I had already said Guy #1 sucked for other reasons. Now, he officially sucks in my book!!!

OK Chick said...

I think we made the right decision too. It sounds like some people agree.

Anonymous said...

Hi All,
So little does OKChick know, here blog is read by more people than she thinks. As a 'friend' of OKChick, I have a couple suggestions for here:
1. Learn to let go of grudges. I've apologized and attempted to make up for not taking you out last year more than a person should have to, yet you still continue to bring up and rehash the past. Let it go, and if you aren't going to let it go, quit saying you have.
2. Never, not once, have I asked you to match me with anyone. You have tried on several occasions to do so and I have told you no multiple times. I don't need your assistance in finding dates, as my track record over the last year proves, nor have I asked for it, so PLEASE, l'd be
more than glad to be off your 'list'.
3. You should really think before you speak. I don't have self-confidence issues, I'm not scared of first dates and I don't cancel to see if a girl is really interested. I understand this is a blog and you have the right to express your opinion, but you ought to get your ducks in a row first. Fact of the matter is, I would have loved to have gotten all of my tasks completed over the past weekend. It would have been great. However, after I got home that Friday night from taking my youngest sister to the ballet I got a phone call from a friend that required my personal and spiritual support for the majority of the weeked. Do I want your sympathy? No! But before you judge me, know me!

OKChick you need to know, as the late Paul Harvey would say, "the rest of the story" before you throw someone under the bus.

Guy #1

Anonymous said...

Guy #1, I'm just reading blah, blah, blah-a bunch of excuses. Except, I am sorry your friend was going through a hard time.

"I don't have self-confidence issues, I'm not scared of first dates and I don't cancel to see if a girl is really interested."
Umm Ok Chick didn't mention any of those things in her post. She said you told her you were busy.

monamachel1 said...

Wow Lindzzz, what an ass!! PS guy #1, that post totally didn't make you look better. Sorry, made you look a little worse!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous you're an idiot. If you had half a brain you'd recognize my response was to all of the comments and not just OKChick's. Obviously you don't have a clue....

Monamachel1, yes I can be that way when I'm disrespected that way. We all can be. P.S. Your opinion of me means have a nice day!

Guy #1. Y'all have a nice day!!!

Stoneforter said...

This cracks me up...thank you OKChick, Guy #1 and all the others that left comments. I needed a good laugh and this just "hit the spot!" Have a terrific Tuesday tomorrow and remember, if you live in Edmond, go vote!

OK Chick said...

Happy I could make your day!

TC said...


I thought from reading the post that he had some issues. Then I read the comments and I KNOW he has some issues.

I think both you and your friend should count your blessings that he never showed up!!!!