Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Sister #2....

Happy Birthday Sister #2! Today, is Sister #2’s 18th birthday. She can now vote, enter half the bars in Oklahoma, and buy lots of crap from television. It’s a good day.
One of the perks of having a baby sister, 10 years younger than you, is watching them grow up. I thought to honor Sister #2, on her big day, I’d share some of my favorite Sister #2 moments...

1. Egg Head
I’m not going to sit here and pretend that Sister #1 and I were golden big sisters. I’ll admit it, we were mean. But not hit her mean, just goofy mean. For example, one evening my parents left us home alone with Sister #2. Sister #1 and I thought it would be funny to put a bicycle helmet on Sister #2, and make her wear it around the house. I know it was mean BUT so funny. You have to understand, the helmet was bigger than Sister #2’s head, and it looked like she had an Egg on top of her head, hence the nickname Egg Head. Actually, I think the helmet was called an Egg Head Helmet. I mean really, what Marketer came up with that idea?

2. Popular Kiddo
Even though we were sometimes mean, we were also pretty nice to Sister #2. For instance, Sister #2 knew all of our friends. She was the most popular 4 year-old in Hometown, USA. All the cheerleaders and basketball players loved her. The cheerleaders would pull her from the stands to perform cheers. When Sister #2 turned six my mom asked who she wanted to invite to her birthday party. She thought long and hard, and returned with a list of guests. Of course, all her chosen guest were over the age of 12. We all thought it was so cute and funny that my mom gave her two parties- a big girl party, and a little girl party. Her big girl party was well attended!

3. Cheerleader at Heart
Sadly, my mom never produced a cheerleader, we all three played sports. However, if anyone was close to a cheerleader it was Sister #2. I guess her cheerleading days started at one week old. My mom had just had Sister #2, and a few days later my mom was found totting Sister #2 into a basketball gym. She slept through the whole game. I remember thinking that the whistle, buzzer, yelling, clapping, and scuffing of shoes would wake her up. Nope!
As Sister #2 became older she continued her cheerleading ways. For example, at the beginning of every basketball game my mom would give her a piece of paper and pencil. Sister #2 would sit in the stands taking stats. She kept track of made baskets, passes, and rebounds. One our couches thought it was so cute that she allowed Sister #2 to come into the locker room and give a stat update.

4. Not fit for the Circus
Sister #2 didn’t do dumb things growing up, like Sister #1 and I. However, she did do one stupid thing. One day, while in my mom’s classroom, she decided to stand on a basketball. I guess she thought she could balance? Who knows? But she couldn’t. My mom had to take her hospital for a broken arm. Sister #2 is also the only one of us that’s ever broken anything. She was also the first to get stitches! Job well done, Sister #2!

5. Postcards
I’m so jealous of Sister #2’s postcard collection. I don’t think Sister #2 decided she was going to collect postcards, it just kind of happened. We had a family friend that would send us postcards from all over the world, and then I went overseas for a semester and sent postcards. Before she knew it, she had quite the collection. To this day, I think the girl has postcard from all 50 states, and most countries. All family friends and extended family send Sister #2 a postcard when on vacation. I’m happy to report that the travel bug is in Sister #2 as well.

Of course, I have many other great stories, but I’ll stop at 5. I’m sure this up there with looking at someone’s baby pictures. BUT Sister #2 is a great sister, one of my favorites. Happy Birthday Sister #2, I hope you have a great day!


TC said...

This was so sweet! I LOVED the story about her "big girl" party :-D

Happy birthday, Sister 2!!!

Ally said...

Happy happy birthday "Sister 2"!! It makes me smile that you noted that she can now "buy lots of crap from television." I never would have thought of that one.

Anonymous said...

She was also the first to burn her eyes... remember she had gone swimming at some friends house and decided not to wear goggles and just swim with her eyes open. Needless to say she ended up wearing eye patches so her eyes could heal (the chlorine was to strong). That was around the same time as the broken arm, & stiches... She has done some funny things... the list could go on and on.
Happy Birthday little sis!!!
~Sister #1

monamachel1 said...

Happy Birthday Sister #2. To me you will still be like 6!!

Holly said...

Happy Birthday Sister #2!

Renee said...

Happy Birthday to Sis #2!

I think all older sibs have stories like this about the younger ones. I know I have plenty on my younger sibs. We all manage to make it through despite all the torture. ;)

Bone said...

Happy birthday, Sister #2!!!

BUT Sister #2 is a great sister, one of my favorites.

lol You crack me up, OKC.

Emily said...

I have some friends that told their youngest brother that they had another brother named Fred that they killed because he didn't do what the two oldest told him to.

That's why I'm stopping at two kids.

Happy Birthday Sister #2!