Monday, March 16, 2009

Sun tanned toes ticklin the sand

Spring Break. This week I will wake up every morning wishing I was a teacher. The same thing happens in the summer. Oh the joy of being a teacher and having a random week off in March! Anyway, to the rest of the world that has to work- Happy Monday! I was going to post a Weekend Update, but then I remembered my weekend consisted of me puking my guts out. I’m assuming no one wants me to rehash my weekend of hugging the toilet? Oh good, I assumed right. So yeah, my weekend was pretty blah. However, I like to look at the bright side of life, and I realized that some positive things did take place this weekend.

1. My weekend started on Thursday @ 9:30am instead of Friday evening.
2. I met a cute single PA. True, I met him wearing mismatched PJs and while having throw up breath.
3. My mom reached Rock Star status Thursday night, because she took me to the After Hours Doctor.
4. I had lots of time to watch college basketball. I feel very qualified to give advice to anyone unsure how to fill out their NCAA bracket.
5. I lost 5lbs.
6. I was able to start my new book from the library.
7. I broke my all time record of staying in bed. Saturday, I official got out of bed at 5:00pm. Yes, folks 5:00pm!
8. I am completely caught up on this season’s Millionaire Matchmaker; and I am even more certain that I should become Oklahoma’s Millionaire Matchmaker.
9. I made one can of soup last two days. No, not because of the recession.
10. Did I mention I lost 5lbs?
11. I’ve almost out grown acting like a baby when I’m sick.

See, all very positive things!


TC said...

I was all prepared to be jelaous when I read your title!!!

And while I'm a little jealous of the -5 pounds, I'm not jealous of how you got there :( Sorry to hear you've been sick! Hope that improves soon!

Renee said...

why is it that it seems the only way I can drop 5 lbs is with a stomach virus? I think my body just wants to be this size. sigh

I'm so sorry that you were ill this weekend...too ill to pickup that cute PA. I do hope that you're feeling better soon.

Runningmama said...

Hmmmm... You need to think up a non-smelly reason to go to the After Hours Clinic and nab that PA. How about a sprained ankle?

Hope you feel good soon. I have germ anxiety about the stomach flu. Blech.

amy nickerson said...

5 lbs!! Get me on that diet! You don't even have 5 lbs on you to lose! Hmmmm...
I'm pretty sure I've been catching colds from my gym, even though I wipe down the equipment and use anti-bacterial hand gel afterward. The machines and mats seem to be a breeding ground for viruses. If anyone around me so much as coughs, I'm on a different machine!! And my biggest pet peeve is to see someone get off their machine and NOT wipe it down. Seriously! How hard is it?!

OK Chick said...

TC- I know it was a faker. HA! DO NOT be jealous of the 5lbs. It was awful. AWFUL! I don't wish the illness on my enemy.

Renee- Don't give up. It will melt away. But you are probably right, you don't need to loss anymore weight.

Running Mama- I'll remember that next time I hurt my ankle. HA! Good advice.

Amy- You are way too sweet! Sadly, most of the 5lbs is already back. I think it was water weight.

Anonymous said...

You should check out the Millionaire Matchmaker's book BECOME YOUR OWN MATCHMAKER! I'm obsessed with the show too and was hoping to be entertained as well as learn a little something. Patti really delivered on both counts.