Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Weekend Update

It’s time for a Weekend Update. The first Weekend Update of 2009 and it’s a good one! Blogger World, buckle up because it was a busy weekend.

Friday night was a swell night. First, Sister #1 had a friend in town for the weekend. The three of us started our Friday night with a nice low fat Chicken Taco Soup for dinner. I made the soup. It was pretty tasty. Well I thought it was tasty. I think I heard Sister #1 mention it needed more flavor. However, I ignored her comment because I didn’t see her making anything for dinner.
Second, the three of us headed to the movies. Bride Wars was calling our name. I enjoyed this movie 100%. I stamp the movie $9.00 worthy for sure. Heck, I’d pay $10 to see the movie and be happy, it was that good. Sadly, after the movie my evening ended. I went home and hit the sack.

After I did my normal Saturday morning routine, it was time to head home for some cleaning and cooking. See, we were having a party later that night. Sister #1, The Friend, and I spent all day cooking food for our party. OK, that’s not entirely true. We did manage to squeeze in two Lifetime movies while we cooked. Both movies had to do with how bad America’s youth have gotten. I walked away from both movies never wanting to have children, thinking all teenage girls should be locked in their rooms until age 25, and believing the youth of today have gone to crap. Editor's Note: Sister #2 is the exception to all these things.
Anyway, after the two crappy Lifetime movies it was time for our party. Sister #1 and I were hosting our Second Chance Party. What’s a Second Chance Party you ask? It’s a party where guest bring a crappy Christmas presents they received and we play Dirty Santa with everyone’s presents. It’s a Christmas party after Christmas, and it is a blast! Editor's Note: The party is filed under Brilliant Idea # 71. Again, feel free to steal any of Ok Chick’s Brilliant Ideas.
This year’s party was a huge hit. We served awesome food and exchanged crappy presents! The menu consisted of: Crab Dip, Cookies, Meatballs, Whiskey Little Smokies, Puff Balls Stuffed with Ham/Cheese, and Sopaipilla Balls. The presents exchanged were a story in itself. This year we had a wide variety of presents. We had everything from a QVC fake leather coat to out dated Body Wash. No joke! Our friends received some crappy presents this year!

Sunday was the normal routine; except Sister #1 and her friends watched another Lifetime movie. I couldn’t handle another life sucking movie so I hit the gym. I worked out for over an hour and watched Karate Kid. Who isn’t inspired by Mr. Miyagi?


Bone said...

What's your normal Saturday morning routine? Am I supposed to know that by now? Will there be a test?

Renee said...

bone: You're funny. Of course there will be a test later on the normal Sat routine. @@

I love your party idea. We did something like that last year...only we just posted on our message board what we wanted to get rid of and let folks pick. I ended up with some cool scrapbooking scissors that we use for our GS troop.

TC said...

I was going to ask what the normal routine was as well. I'm all confused.

That was a good weekend update! Sounds like you had a fun weekend: yay!

OK Chick said...

My normal Saturday morning routine is- aerobics and then I hit up Sonic for a large water with extra ice. I guess, I've never blogged that information. Sorry, folks. I guess I talk about that on my other blog. HA! I'm kidding, I don't have another blog.

TC said...

I hit up Sonic for a large water with extra ice.

That's all you get at Sonic???

monamachel1 said...

So, does this mean you kept the cable??

OK Chick said...

TC-Yup that's all I get.

Mona- Nope didn't keep overpriced cable. However, the cable people felt that Sister #1 and I should keep Lifetime. I have no idea why we still have that channel.

Scotty said...

Do the Sonic folks have the water ready and waiting for you?

OK Chick said...

No I don't have Sonic trained yet, but I'm working on it.

Ben, Kelly and Sophie said...

I love the idea for the Second Chance party! We just might have to incorporate that one into the Tyson household next year!