Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Christmas blast from the past

The year was 1994, or 1995, or maybe it was 1996? Well the year isn’t important. The important part is it was a week before Christmas and I was in high school. This particular year I wanted a blue jean jacket; a stylish blue jean jacket from Express. It’s what all the cool kids were wearing at the time. Actually, they’d been wearing it for a year but I was always two steps behind everyone.

One thing you should know about young OK Chick is I could not stand the wait of Christmas. It literally killed me knowing that presents were under the tree waiting for me. I usually killed the curiosity a couple ways:

1. I would snoop through every closet, bedroom, and attic to find all my presents.

When I got older and wiser I graduated to a lazier/sneakier approach….

2. I would wait until presents were actually wrapped and placed under the tree. When my parents would leave the house I would carefully open each present, see what I was getting, rewrap the present and place it back under the tree. If you ask me this was a brilliant idea. Stop judging me! I said I could not stand the wait. Did you think I was lying?

Ok, back to my story. So it was 1994, 1995, or 1996 and it was the week before Christmas. Of course, I had already opened/rewrapped all my presents under the tree and found the blue jean jacket from Express. I was way excited!
It was a school day morning. My parents had gone to work, Sister #1 was already at school, and Sister #2 was off to the baby-sitter, which left me home alone getting ready for school. On this day I had picked out a great outfit for school, but the outfit still needed something. It needed the blue jean jacket from Express; the one that was sitting under the tree. You have to understand, the outfit would be the greatest outfit in the whole wide world with that blue jean jacket. I sat on my bed debating a few scenarios:

1.Save the outfit for after Christmas, when I had the blue jean jacket.
2.Wear the outfit without the blue jean jacket.
3.Open up the blue jean jack, wearing it; and then rewrap the jacket before my parents got home.

All the scenarios were possible options. Scenario number 1 and 2 were safe and the right thing to do; and scenario 3 was risky. What if I spill something on the jacket or worse mom caught me wearing it? It was toss up, but I finally decided. So what scenario did young OK Chick decide? Duh! You know I went with Scenario 3. It was the greatest outfit in the whole wide world! I needed the blue jean jacket. One week before Christmas I actually wore one of my Christmas presents and rewrapped it without my parents knowing. This was also the day I stopped opening presents and rewrapping them. Maybe I’d matured, maybe I wanted to be surprised, or maybe I thought I better be good before Santa stops coming to my house-FOR LIFE. Say what you want, but that outfit was awesome.


monamachel1 said...

I used to do the same thing!! I don't like surprises though. Now days, I just go buy my own presents, wrap them, then give receipts to my mom and she reimburses me. I would rather know for sure I want the present than to be surprised!!
I will have to think of a way to get around these tricks for Brett!!

amy nickerson said...

Oh my goodness! That's the funniest story ever! Did your parents ever find out?

Emily said...

I judge ye not, lest I be judged for all the times I did the exact same thing.

thisgirlsjourney said...

Ha ha, I think I did the same thing once too!

I remember the jean jacket phase (it hit in 1994 here) and carefully going out to buy one - Levis of course. It got stolen about six months later which was a shame....

Ben, Kelly and Sophie said...

This is hilarious! Ben and I were just saying the other day that we were the kids that were too scared to try sneaking around and finding our presents... and you were so un-scared that you actually used one early! ha!

TC said...


I think you stopped becausae you had a guilty conscience :)

Bone said...

I never opened any presents, but I did shake them.

One year I figured out what one of them was. But instead of being very excited, I was disappointed because all the surprise was gone.

Then Dad found out what I'd done and we never had Christmas again. OK, just kidding, we still had Christmas. But if Mom had found out, we probably wouldn't have.

Scotty said...

You felt guilty!! Devious...

Renee said...

I used to sneak into the presents as a kid too. My mom was horrible at hiding them...and you know what? I now know why... IT IS HARD TO HIDE THEM! I don't know if dd has snuck into her presents yet or not...I just hope I don't forget any.
okay, back to me sneaking into gifts. One year I found a box with a beautiful butterfly charm in it. I thought for sure that charm was for me...imagine my suprise when on Christmas morning I didn't get it! No one did! And then later I see it on my mom. I wasn't brave enough to ask about it, but I'm sure she knew I peeked and decided to teach me a lesson.
Later in life I lived with a guy who just couldn't wait for Christmas and would get my gifts, wrap them and then make me open them that day! I should have know something was up the first year we were together and he gave me a gift 12 days before Christmas...everyone asked if I was getting a gift every day until Christmas...I didn't. :( And the sad thing was I got nothing on Christmas!
So now I don't wanna know what I got and there had better be gifts under the tree for me on Christmas!

auntlinda34 said...


OK Chick said...

Ok, so maybe I was scared!

My parents never found out, but I think they know now. Well if they didn't before this post, I'm sure Sister #2 read the post and told my mom. HA!