Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Weekend Update

Blogger World, it was another crazy jammed pack weekend. It’s all part of OK Chick’s living in the fast lane, or not.

Friday night I had a dinner party. I love saying the phrase- dinner party. It makes me feel so Pottery Barnish and sleek. Granted, I was still dressed in my smelly aerobics clothes when guest arrived, so I didn’t exactly look like the people in the catalog. However, the food was good and that’s what people care about. I served my guest stuffed chicken breast, green beans, rolls, salad, and apple pie.

Folks, this is where is gets a tab busy. I’m just going to warn you, I have the ability to accomplish more in one day, than most people accomplish in a weekend. It’s a gift.
First off, I started my Saturday with two aerobics classes. No, I’m not crazy. At aerobics we are having a contest, and I’m trying to win. They are giving away a cute bag, and I need a new cute bag.
After all my calorie burning and errands running, Sister #1 and I headed to Hometown, USA to pick up some basketball tickets. As we were driving to Hometown, we got sidetracked. Ok, I got sidetracked. This weekend I was in the market for a new kitchen table. Since I was driving by so many furniture stores, I stopped at one to browse at their selection. As luck would have it, the first store had exactly what I waited. I found and purchased my new kitchen table in less than 30 minutes.
Finally, Sister #1 and I made it to Hometown, USA. We ate a quick lunch with the fam and rushed off to Norman for some basketball. Since OU was playing a no name school my dad graciously gave Sister #1 and I his tickets. The game turned out to be a close exciting game. I don’t know if that’s good for OU, but it was good for us fans.
When the game was over, Sister #1 and I hiked through the parking lot to a tailgate party. My coworkers were having a huge football tailgate party, which included a big cook-off. Sister #1 and I chatted with my coworkers and ate way too much food. We dined on ribs, brisket, goat, sausage, potato fries, pulled pork sandwiches, and most important- cookies. See, now you know why I did the two aerobics classes.

Sunday was my typical Sunday. I went to church, cleaned house, and read the paper. I did have a small amount of excitement on Sunday. My excitement took place at the grocery store. I saved over $43 with my coupons. I know $43! You know that’s a sweater at Gap, right?

There you have it...OK Chick’s weekend in the fast lane.


TC said...

$43?!?!?!?! Wow. I really gotta get myself the Sunday paper.

P.S. My weekend is still way worse than yours :)

Renee said...

Eating all that food does sound like fun, but I don't know if I could handle doing TWO aerobics classes in order to eat. :(

hee hee

Well your busy weekend makes up for my tame one.

Hey, is that low fat gbc the one with chicken broth & cornstarch instead of mushroom soup? I made that one and I must have put too much garlic in it (I buy my garlic pre-minced in a jar), but other than that it tastes really good...but I added salt to mine at the table.

If I don't see you again before Thursday...Have a great Thanksgiving!

OK Chick said...

TC- I told you the paper is saving me tons of money!

Renee- I made your pumpkin dump cake. It was so good. I did make it a bit more healthy, but it turned out awesome.

Scotty said...

Hmmm... I am guessing there is more to 'guest'..