Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Weekend Update

Folks, it’s happened again. OK Chick had another fun weekend. I’m on a roll!

Road trip! Sister #1, Sister #2, and I left Friday afternoon for the great state of Arkansas. The land of the hogs. Although, the hogs had a by that weekend so there was no hog watching for my family. Instead most of the whole family (the whole stinkin’ family not just my family) met in LR for a wedding. Yes, another wedding where I had to provide a gift.
One of our aunt/uncles lives in LR so the Sisters and I crashed at their house for the weekend, while my parents stayed with another aunt/uncle. After the Sisters and I arrived in Little Rock it was all fun and games, literally. We had an intense game of LCR, Skip-Bo, eating pretend fried chicken, and eating chocolate fondue (the real stuff) with our kid cousins

My five year old cousin woke us up at the butt crack of dawn. I really can’t get mad at her for the early morning wake up call. Sister #1 and I did the same thing to her dad when we were kids; expect Sister #1 and I were more obnoxious with our wake up calls.
Since I was up so early I decided to go for my long weekly run. Oh my goodness. Little Rock has some HILLS! I’m not talking little Oklahoma hills; I’m talking huge Arkansas hills. Did I mention they were big hills?
Needless to say, it was hard and I thought a couple times my heart was going to pop out of my chest.

As I said earlier, the family was in town for a wedding. My second cousin was getting married. Yes, I know my second cousins. I also know my third cousins, but we just call them kin folks. Most of my family attended the wedding. When I say my family, I’m referring to all my dad’s brothers and their families-the WHOLE family. There were probably about 15 of us in total.
The wedding was a typical wedding…you know everyone looked beautiful, blah, blah. My cousin was the groom, so he and all my other cousins looked like penguins.
The reception, which is always my favorite part of weddings, was held in a country club. I will say the reception was nice, good food, and the wedding cake was tasty! But that’s all I can say about the reception. An hour into the reception my family disappeared. See my uncle is a member of the country club where the reception was held, so we all snuck away to go sit in the bar. Yes, leave it to my family to spend a good chunk of a reception to sit in a bar. But hey, at least we were together, and that’s what being a family is about, right? It was actually pretty fun- a great bonding experience.

After good-byes to everyone in Arkansas, it was back to Oklahoma. When Sister #1 and I made it home we had zero time to rest or unpack. Actually, we had exactly one hour to get dressed and ready for our final weekend event, Coldplay concert.

What a great concert. Coldplay put on an awesome two hour show. This was the second time I’d seen Coldplay in concert and they did not disappoint. I highly recommend seeing them in concert, you will not be disappointed!

Blogger World, another weekend has come and gone. It was a good weekend. I had a great time hanging out with my cousins/aunts/uncles, eating good food, running freakin' mountains, and road tripping it with my Sisters.


Renee said...

sounds like a great weekend. Weddings can be loads of fun...can't wait until neice #2 gets married.

and running in the hills when you're used to a lower level can be a killer. DH tricked me when we came here for a visit (lived in TX at the time) I was coughing and sputtering forever it seemed.

auntlinda34 said...

That sounds fun! Wish we would have made the drive! The brothers are ALWAYS up for a good time!! Grandma C was kinda looking for your dad and mom!

monamachel1 said...

Ummm, two things. Is Trent our second cuz?? I would think Lisa would have been the second and he would be a third? I don't know. After the firsts, I get confused.
Also, the whole fam didn't go to the bar. You forgot about poor Aunt Jeanie that we left all by herself at the large table!!!

Bone said...

Little Rock?? You were only like five hours from here!

What is LCR? Isn't that the bathroom cleaning stuff.

TC said...

Love the line about the penguins :) I've been told I'm pretty like a momma penguin before, so...

OK Chick said...

Renee- I'm cool with never running LR hills again. They were hard.

Linda- You were missed.

Mona- So you're right. I guess he's our 3rd cousin. My bad.

Bone- Left Center Right. It's a dice game...similar to Bunko. It's fun.

TC- A momma penguin. Really, I never would have guessed that fact about you.

TC said...

Me either, but my nephew sure saw the resemblance :)