Thursday, November 6, 2008

Cookie Thursday

Blogger World, today is Cookie Thursday. I’m very excited to know that in about three minutes I will be receiving a hot chocolate chip cookie. I know it will be chocolate chip because I had the honor of choosing today’s cookie. I brought Cookie Boy something back from Japan. Advice for today: keep the important people happy and it makes life grand.

Anyway, today’s post isn’t about Cookie Thursday. Today’s post is about my exciting evening last night. No, it really is. No, I didn’t just watch TV. Last night Sister #1 and I went to watch OKC Thunder get beat by the Celtics. Sister #1 and I had fun at the game while laughing many times. Here are some of our laughable moments:

1. When we arrived downtown it was raining cats and dogs. Since downtown OKC has horrible parking, like you can’t ever find parking spot. Sister #1 and I parked pretty far from The Ford Center. SO imagine this… raining + cold + far from final destinations = two cold soaked girls running into The Ford Center. Sister #1 and I showed up to the game looking like wet dogs. I’m sure drivers loved watching me sprint down the street while Sister #1 brought up the rear trying to hold on to her massive OU umbrella. My favorite about all this is when we finally made it to our seats; the man next to me said wow is it raining? Yeah, I never said Okies were the smartest. Seriously, how do you answer that question with a straight face?

2. Of course, OKC Thunder has a dance team. When OKC was babysitting the Hornets we had the Hornet Hoes. Now, we have Thunder Thighs. I can’t take credit for this brilliant nickname; Sister #1 came up with the name. But it really made me laugh last night. However, I give props to the Thunder Thighs for dancing in hooker boots.

Well I guess there were only two laughable moments. I’m sure there were more but I’m at a lost. Now Blogger World, if you would excuse me I have a cookie to eat.


TC said...

MMMMMMM... a cookie sounds soooooo good right about now.

Glad ya'll had fun at the game! Sounds like a memorable time anyway :)

auntlinda34 said...

i guess sis was glad to get you back!!!!! i am so stuffed, the tbought of a cookie makes me want to throw up!! I AM STUFFED! I had cashew chicken-yummmmmmm..

monamachel1 said...

That was me and a friend when we went to see the American Idol tour in Tulsa. Thankfully though the parking garage is only like two blocks away. I found out later is was the reminents of Hurrican Ike!
I hate people that ask questions like "is it raining?" when you are soaked. Or "so, biscuits for breakfest" when you have biscuits in your hand. Those questions usually get followed by the "Mona" stare. It consists of no smile, eyes open wide, and the eyeballs looking upward!

Bone said...

Very smart about keeping Cookie Boy happy. You'll go far in life, OK Chick.

What, no pictures of the Thunder Thighs?

OK Chick said...

No picture. Sorry Bone. But the Thunder Thighs are very pretty. I thought they were better looking than the Hornet Hoes. I mean that in the straightest possible way.

MrT said...

I call them the Thunder Clap personally....I accidentally said it outloud once when I saw one cheering on the 'Race For The Cure' event...the lady next to me laughed really loud and started telling everyone around her...I had to pick up the pace and disappear in case I offended anyone.

Also, I caught the shirt that was thrown in our section during one of the was 3-times too big for me.