Thursday, June 26, 2008

Strike One!

Rats! I had a streak. I was doing so well. I had lasted 24 days. Well not a whole 24 days, because I’m only posting M-F. However, I had made it to the 24th day of the month; and then I blew the streak. Yesterday, June 25th, I forgot to post something. I know! I’m such a ding dong. I remembered at 11:00pm, and needless to say my butt was not getting out of bed to put something on my blog. Even if I have this cool challenge- A Post A Day After the Month of May-M-F only.

It’s not like there is a lack of things to say. Life shattering things are happening in my life. For example, there’s Weekend Updates, the return of Guy #2, the date Guy #2 and I had Tuesday night, and the random crap I talk about from day to day…like food and running. See, those are life shattering things! LIFE SHATTERING.

As I sit here, chomping on ice, I feel that I owe my dedicated readers a real post. I think to make up for skipping yesterday I will give you three post in one. How creative am I? SO hold on folks, life shattering news is about to appear on your screen.

Weekend Updates
Fun weekend in Ark. The trip down to Ark was fun because Sister #1, Sister #2, and I rode together. I realized 10 minutes away from my house that I had forgot my swimsuit. Instead of being smart and turning around to get it, I decided to just stop at Old Navy for a new one. Stop judging me; I wanted a new swimsuit.
The trip to Ark was for my cousin’s wedding. This cousin is not to be confused with The Cousin. I guess we could call this cousin….Cousin #3. Anyway, Cousin #3 had a short, relaxed, beautiful wedding. I love short weddings. You can bet your bottom my wedding will be short; none of this- singing 50 songs, lighting 30 candles, and staring at each other on stage. Nope, we are in and we are out! But Cousin #3 got married in a cool old church in a town called Old Washington. It was the capital of the Confederate States…so that was kind of cool. The Fam took some cool pictures, but sadly they are not on my computer yet.

The Return of Guy #2
So remember it’s the Year of Yes? And remember that when Holly and I started YOY I was asked out by 3 guys…Guy #1, Guy #2, and Guy #3? I know, not so creative on the names, but it makes it easier to keep up with everyone. Anyway, are we all on the same page? Surely, you have not forgotten about this? I mean, how many post have I written about this? I’m going to assume you haven’t forgotten. Anyway, Guy #2 has returned to the USA. He was the one that asked me out and then fled the country to be a missionary. I’m not saying I had anything to do with decision to go be a missionary. Promise. But I do think it’s weird that after he asked me out, he doesn’t just skip town he leaves the freakin’ country. I’m kidding!

Date with Guy #2
Since Guy #2 returned we went on our date. I must say, I have never been asked out by a guy and then 6 months later we finally get to go on the date. But it was a good date. It was nice for us to catch up, since he’s been out of the country. We had lots to catch up on…my life is constantly changing. Ok, not really. Anyway, fun date!

Alright, I think that is everything. Blogger World, you should be caught up on my life.


TC said...

Wow, return of guy #2?!?!!? That's sooooooooooo exciting! :-D

And YOY... that was a good plan. Seriously.

Renee said...

ah. I feel all caught up now. ;)

I spent all week beating myself up cuz I hadn't posted anything but yet I really couldn't come up with anything that was blogworthy either. So last night was a fluke. hee hee

course we need more details about date with Guy he second date material?

monamachel1 said...

Yeah with Guy #2!! Exciting!!
I am glad I get to be THE cousin!! Not just A cousin but THE cousin. I feel important. OK, I now it is because I am the only cousin that reads it but just let me have this one!!! And, people should have known THE cousin wasn't the one getting married. This marriage thing somehow skipped us!!!

OK Chick said...

I'll be sure to keep everyone up-to-date on Guy #2.

The Cousin is a special name. It has nothing to do with the fact that you are the only cousin that reads my blog. Really, it doesn't.

Bone said...

Wait, so Guy #2 was the guy who asked you out and you never went. And Guy #3 was the guy you actually went out with.

Is that right?

PS: Someone visited my blog the other day from a search for "who's phone number did kramer leave in the suit he sold to Bania?"

It linked back to an old Seinfeld trivia post. Sniff sniff. Memories.

auntlinda34 said...
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