Monday, June 23, 2008

A Shout Out

I have a big ole’ Weekend Update I’m going to post for you guys but until I have time, I thought I’d take the time to give a special shout out to someone.

Today’s shout out goes out to my friend ML. This morning he called me from Japan. He lives there along with my friends Elaine and Kendon. All three of them are having the time of their life teaching English to Japanese students. It’s a glamorous life they live, while I hold down the fort in OK. I’m ok with it…I get to eat food and they eat rice and fish everyday. Actually, the food in Japan is awesome! I know because I gained about five pounds when I was there for one month.

Anyway, this morning was the first time ML and I have chatted via phone since he’s been in Japan. He was the last person in the world I expected to call me at 8:00am Monday morning. I was so shocked. I kept thinking to myself…is ML really calling me? By the time the shock wore off, we were exchanging good-byes. But it was great to visit with him. We didn’t get to talk for long because I was at work and he needed to sleep, but we did establish that he’s sending me some socks. I love socks from Japan. I have 3 pair and they are my favorite socks! I’m not getting too excited about my Japanese socks arriving in my mailbox anytime soon. He promised to send me socks 15 months ago, and nothing! We will see if he surprises me again. Maybe since I posted this on my blog he will be forced to send me socks!

But I just thought I’d share with everyone in Blogger World that my friend ML called me from Japan and it made my day! So ML…this shout out is for you!

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