Monday, June 2, 2008

2 post for June

Blogger World, guess what? I’m going to be on the Food Network!!!!! Ok, not really. Actually, I didn’t even go to the casting call. I KNOW! I’m a slacker and I let you down. But it is a good thing I didn’t waste my Saturday on the casting call. Today I had this email waiting in my inbox.

The subject: CORRECTION for Casting Call.
Al Roker Entertainment, Inc. is coming to Oklahoma City in search of overweight individuals and families who are ready to join Mayor Cornett's Weight Loss Challenge. If you know of someone who has not yet joined, please pass on the following information.
So see…it’s a good thing I didn’t go.

In other news….
Last weekend Sister #1 and I took a stab at catering. We actually did pretty well. Here’s a picture of the food we made for a friend’s shower. I guess you could call it a success. No one became deathly ill after eating our food, and everyone seemed to really like the food that we made. We just did the food, not the cute cupcakes.
In other other news…
I’ve decided to challenge myself this month. This idea was stolen from Sarah. So thanks Sarah! Last month she posted a blog everyday. Well I have decided the month of June will be my month. I pledge to try to post something everyday this month. I’m not promising literary greatness, just a post. I’m calling it the….”Post a Day After May” challenge. Catchy huh? I think so.
EDIT- I rethought this whole challenge. I’m going to be realistic and admit I probably won’t post on the weekends. I now pledge to post everyday… M-F.


Bone said...

Those little red thingies on the right side look tasty. I wish the picture enlarged.

I had thought about trying to do a post a day for a month, too. You know, as opposed to my usual post a month.

Suzanne said...

you're right...prob a good thing you didn't go to the casting call - you prob would have received some nasty looks!

The food looks good...can you enlarge the picture? I want to know what all you made - I might need some recipes!!

So...the other day I realized that I never got you your coupon book! HA! Sorry about that - I'll try to finish it soon!

Sarah said...

You can do it! (Smart idea giving yourself the weekends off). The great thing about it is that you totally have no real pressure-- if your post is boring or weird you're just going to bump it the very next day!!

Aubrie said...

I took some more pics of the food. I'll send them to you.

Renee said...

the food looks good...glad I ate already.

Looking forward to your posting.

OK Chick said...

Suzanne- I forgot about my coupon book. HA! I look forward to the book.