Thursday, March 13, 2008

Running Thoughts...

A few days ago Guy # 3 and I went running. We ran 6 miles. No, I’m serious we really did run 6 miles. Well maybe I should clarify; Guy # 3 ran the whole 6 miles. OK Chick ran the whole way except 30 little seconds, which I think is still good. Don’t you think running all but 30 seconds should be considered running the whole thing? I think so too. Anyway, while Guy #3 and I were running I had some random thoughts. I must warn you, they are not all happy thoughts. Hey, let’s see what kind of thoughts you have when running for an hour and ten minutes. Yea, that’s what I thought! Ok, onto the thoughts…

I hate Oklahoma wind. I truly hate the wind.

Crap, Guy #3 just passed me. I guess I kept up with him for half a mile.

OH MY GOSH! Did that guy just check out Guy #3? I think he did. If I weren’t so out of breath or so far behind Guy #3, I would tell him that a dude just checked him out! Mental Note: Must tell Guy #3 the story.

Where is this fire station Guy #3 mentioned as the half waypoint?

I’m tired. I wonder if I’d look like a big loser if I stopped running? We’ve been running for 20 minutes. I’m sure I’ve burned the calories from one Triscuit.

I’m still not seeing the fire station.

YES! The path is closed…we get to turn around. Oh I guess not. Guy #3 just ran around the big orange sign.

Where’s the freakin’ fire station?

What is this crap on my iPod? Who put this music on here? Mental Note 2: Quickly figure out new iTunes, so I can add new music.

For all that is holy…. WHERE IS THE FIRE STATION?

Praise Jesus…. the fire station!

Ok, I can do this I’m halfway done. Of course, now Guy #3 is way in front of me.

Lady, get your little yappy mutt out of my way. I swear I will punt that dog like it’s a football. Mental Note 3: NEVER get a dog that resembles the Taco Bell dog.

Lady I’m serious…. get your dog off the path because I’m about to run over it…literally.

Yappy mutt, you were close to being booted into the lake.

WOW is that lady talking to the trees? Surely not…oh yes she is talking to the trees. Mental Note 4: If I ever become crazy…. I’m totally coming to the park to chat with the trees.

Yea the end is near!!!

Umm where is Guy #3? How come I can’t see him anymore?

I ran 6 miles! I can’t believe I just ran 6 miles. I’m so running the ½ marathon in April, and I will beat Guy #3 when I run the ½ marathon!


heather hub said...

This might surprise you, but I love chihuahuas. I will probably get one someday, and pray that is not one that barks a lot.

Those are some intense thoughts. Congrats on running 6 miles...I think I did that once in my life...never again.

OK Chick said...

Really? I did not know you wanted a little Taco Bell dog. Intersting.
Of course they are intense thoughts...I'm intense. HA!

Paul said...

You covered the 6 miles and that is all that matters. And you are going to do just fine with the half-marathon.

One of my random thoughts from a run the other day was that a DNS (Did Not Start) is much worse than a DNF (Did Not Finish). You don't have to worry about either of those, cause you are going to finish. Just the fact that you are willing to put your toe on that start line says a lot (in my small book).

As for the iPod, if you would like some great inspirational stories (and some of crazy people), check out Endurance Planet ( or you can subscribe through iTunes. I went back and downloaded hundres of these and have them lined up on the iPod. They are great for running.

Keep up the good work and just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

LB said...

YAY! So are things working out with Guy #3? Will he soon be promoted to just "Guy" soon? Did you run Lake H or O, just out of curiosity? PS: I love it when you post your thoughts, especially since I had a similar situation happen to me.

In October, JT and I went running around White Rock Lake in Dallas, and since JT is so much faster than me, he said he'd turn around and catch up with me so we'd run 5-6 miles. Well, I got tired after a certain point and kept begging God that the next person would be JT so we could turn around.

Eventually, I stopped and asked someone how far the dog park was, pointing behind me. "You mean the dog park?" and they pointed in front of me. Apparently, he never turned around and we ended up running the full 10 miles. He had the little park ranger cops looking out for me, that's how much slower I am than him :)

auntlinda34 said...

I practiced t-ball..I wouldn't have enough time to write my thoughts as I was TRYING to help my 5 yr old learn to hit, bat, and throw the ball back! I feel bad for some of those thoughts..he is just NOT going to be athletic!!

auntlinda34 said...


Guy #3 said...

I agree with aunt Linda. I kind of like being guy #3 though. Three times the charm. Or however that goes. As for the 6 mile run I think the 30 second pause was a little longer than 30 seconds, but oh well she did finish. My thoughts during the run...."Stupid MP3 player drains freaking batteries and now I am running 6 miles with no music!!!!!!"......"I wonder if OK Chick is getting pissed off yet because we aren't at the fire station".

Suzanne said...

Wow, I'm really proud of you!!!

Yes, I was a little stuck on I. I'm not really into the alphabet game, but it's too late to stop it!

OK Chick said...

Paul- Thanks! I'll look into the iTunes suggestions.

LB- We were at Lake H, and your story made me laugh.

Aunt Linda- Guy #3 has earned enough points for a new name, but I like the name Guy #3.

Guy #3- IT WAS 30 SECONDS!

Suzanne-For the letter "I" you should do ice cream!

TC said...

Ok, Ok, I know there is an entire post to comment on, but I really can only think ONE thing right now:

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, you gave him your blog address!! How cute! :-D

Kara said...

I like that Guy #3 is commenting on your blog especially since my comment was going to be around whether 1) Guy #3 knows he's called Guy #3 and 2) Whether he knows he's a got his own blog following!

Hi Guy #3!

Oh and I say that 30 seconds out of 6 miles definitely counts as running all the way. I mean you were just tying your shoe lace weren't you?! It's like physically impossible to both run and tie your shoe lace!