Thursday, March 27, 2008


Blogger World, I’m afraid I have no inspiring words for you today. However, I do have lots of random thoughts in this cranium of mine. Therefore, I felt a Ramblings post was needed. Actually, my cousin just emailed me and said she needed something to read, which is a big hint for “post something on your blog”.
SO for the cuz here’s some Ramblings….

Swingline, the stapler people, is running a promotion right now. Customers can fill out a brief survey and receive a free stapler. All you have to do is log onto their website and fill out their survey. No, this is not a joke! If you need the stapler go take the survey.

Can I just say that it is beautiful outside? I believe it’s 75 degrees outside, and the wind is barely blowing. Strike that last sentence. The wind is blowing. But the sun is out and it’s 75 degrees. I’m going running when I get off work. It’s a shame I will be sitting in a classroom for 3.5 hours this evening. I know, I think it sucks too.

Speaking of running…. I got new running shoes last night. Here’s a picture of my new shoes. Well this isn’t the exact shoe I purchased, but you get my drift.
The new shoes were purchased for the ½ Marathon I am running in April. Hopefully, the shoes will make me lighting fast. Highly doubtful.

I read this today….
Next up in our outer space endeavors: a paper airplane? Scientists in Japan are working on an experiment to send an origami airplane from space back to the planet, hoping to learn from its re-entry journey into the earth's atmosphere. Scientists spent 18 months perfecting the shape and form of the paper shuttle, which is crafted from a single, uncut sheet of paper .
I just thought it was random and odd.

Today, I am wearing the world’s most uncomfortable shoes. I have 3 band-aids on each foot. In my opnion, no shoe is worth 6 band-aids. I know a lot of women would disagree, but I don’t care. I’m in some serious pain right now! OH, and if it wasn’t bad enough to be in pain, I looked down this afternoon to see that these shoes make my left foot look fat. I wish, I were kidding.

Well this is all the Ramblings I have today. I’m off to try out my new running shoes.


Emily said...

I find it ironic that in your last post, you had a picture of the guys from "Office Space" and in this one, you are discussing Melvin's favorite, the Swingline Stapler. Ah, Office classic.

Holly said...

Lindsy, good job on not purchasing the running shoes the day before the race. Now, I am going to head over for my free Swingline...

monamachel1 said...

Now see, was that so hard!! That took up about 5 mins of my day getting to read your wittyness. Are you at work today?? I haven't heard from you yet. Did you get my e-mail about the Police being in Miami?? (the band, not the real police)(however, I am pretty sure they will be there too)