Monday, February 4, 2008


The day after the Super Bowl seems like a perfect day for some Ramblings. I believe companies should make this day a holiday. I mean really, who works the day after the Super Bowl? I’m really asking. Please raise your hand if you’ve put in a full 8 hours at work today? Yup, that’s what I thought…no one! Anyway, on to the Ramblings…

YOY update. This topic seems to be a popular topic on my blog. I didn’t realize it would draw in so many comments. But sadly, it’s the only interesting thing going on in OKChick’s life. As of right now Guy #1 and Guy #2 have been no shows. I’m pretty sure we should just write off Guy #1 and Guy #2.
Guy #1 is currently dating someone. I KNOW! He asked me out like 4 weeks ago. Who meets someone in 4 weeks? And if you’re of those people that can meet someone and start dating in 4 weeks, you make me sick! Anyway, I was at the mall last weekend and I caught Guy #1 holding hands with new girl. It was shocking. I was literally speechless. At the time of seeing Guy # and New Girl holding hands, I was in the middle of telling a story to my friends. When the new couple walked pasted me, I stopped mid-sentence to stare at them. It’s only been 4 weeks, maybe even 3 weeks! Guy #1 is OUT!
Guy #2 has decided to become a missionary in Brazil. No, I’m not kidding. This is the second guy that has fled the country after hanging out with me. Again, I’m not kidding. Guy #2 is OUT!

Last nights halftime show was the best I’ve ever seen. Tom Petty is still cool.

Blogger World, I highly recommend that you try Crystal Light On the Go White Tea/Blueberry. It’s so good. I’ve been drinking it for the past week at lunch. The little packet only has 10 calories. 10 calories! My gum has more calories than that! Try it. I’m certain you’ll love it.

I’m running a race this weekend. The race is 5 miles. I’m going to be honest with you guys; I can’t run 5 miles. I could probably run 5 miles in a span of two days, but I can’t do 5 miles in one setting. I guess like all my races, this race should be interesting. Also, like what I say before all races, if you do not hear from me on Monday please send a search group. Thank you.

My cousin just sent me this email:
So, I just found the best website ever!! It is Anyway, I just did a MASH thing and here is my future. I am going to marry David Beckham, drive a blue porsche, have 5 kids (I already have one and he already has 3 so then just one together), live in a house and be a housewife in OKC. Exciting!! You can come visit us!! I know it is a little farfetched. I mean, really like David Beckham would live in a house and not the mansion!!

Ok, I have one more food suggestion and I’m done for the day. I’m sorry. I like food! I can’t stress this enough to you guys. Anyway, have you tried the Fiber One Bars? They are so good! I’m currently snacking on one.

Well I'm done Rambling. I think I'm going to finish my Fiber One Bar and call it a day. Have a wonderful February 4-National Stuffed Mushroom Day. Yes, today is National Stuffed Mushroom Day. I bet you didn't know that? Who says you don't learn anything from reading my blog!


monamachel1 said...

I expect a report of your MASH results tomorrow!! Sucks about Guy #1 and #2. Good think guy #3 didn't suck!!

TC said...

MASH?!?!?! I used to heart that game :-D