Thursday, December 20, 2007

December Ramblings...

Blogger World today you are in for a special treat. Today, December 20, is a special Ramblings- it’s a December Ramblings. I have decided to dedicate these Ramblings fully to Christmas. OKChick, unlike all the radio stations in OK, only dedicates ONE post to Christmas, not every post from Thanksgiving to Christmas. I feel that’s a bit much. Don’t you agree? I know you do.

I would like to go on record saying: Sausage balls are the greatest snack on the face of the plant. I realize this is a bold statement, but I strongly agree that sausage balls are the greatest snack. Whoever developed the Sausage Balls is truly my hero! Bisquick, cheese, and sausage, who would have ever thought to put all that together? Brillant I tell you, brillant!

Today is snack day here at the office, hence the random sausage ball rambling. I just explained to my friend that this is the greatest day. Three offices down from me is my envision of heaven. It’s an entire office full of snacky type foods. There are dips, crackers, cheese, fruit, cake, apple bread, chex mix, cookies, sausage balls, and candy. Oh it’s great! I’m pretty sure my coworkers will have to roll me out of my office tonight. Shoot, I might not leave tonight. I am pondering spending the night to continue the feast of snacks.

I have spotted a couple new things this holiday season. The first, and pretty much the only thing I’ve spotted, are the reindeer horns on cars. Please examine Exhibit A.
As you can see, the reindeer horns are place on top of the car, and big red nose is placed on the front of the vehicle. Now whoever developed this is a complete dork. I’m sorry. My city has exploded with this trend. I’ve seen a bunch of SUVs sporting the reindeer look this holiday season. This look is not cool. My absolute favorite thing about this trend is seeing the dad’s driving the mini-vans with the reindeer look. It’s priceless. You know they are thinking…I have completely lost my man card.

I believe I have done well on my Christmas shopping. I think everyone is getting very unique presents. My friend Andrew opened his present last night. I think he liked what I had given him. He received a mug, some different teas, and Fresh Linen candles. The candles smelt wonderful! I would love to give you more examples of some of my presents, but knowing my luck my family might decide to read my blog. The odds are good that they will not, but you never know.

I have one thing to do before Christmas is over. I must have Eggnog. I love Eggnog. I think I’m the ONLY person in my family that even likes Eggnog. I know neither of my roommates enjoy the delicious drink.

Has anyone busted out their Christmas sweaters and worn them to work? It’s ok to admit it. I mean I haven’t worn one, because I don’t own one. But, I won’t make fun of you if you’ve worn a Christmas sweater. I promise…Blog’s honor.

This is the time of year I think someone is going to ask me out for a Christmas type date. You know, the Christmas lights, ice-skating, hot chocolate type date. Well I’m going on year # 26 of this dream and still no date. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Nil. Zip. I believe everyone grasp the point I’m trying to make.

This year I did not get Christmas cards sent out. I know I’m such a failure. I would like to take the time to thank everyone that has taken the time to send me a Christmas card. I enjoy receiving all of them, and each of them was special to me. Thanks!

Blogger World, I feel this is some of my best Ramblings. I pat myself on the back and hope you have enjoyed the post.


monamachel1 said...

So, I have come up with a great plan about the Christmas party gift thing for this year. You can tell me something you want and I can tell you something I want. We can get that gift and show each other the present we bring. Then, we can both get the present we want!! Let me know if you are down with this idea and we can arrange it.
Also, you didn't send out Christmas cards this year?? I feel totally cheated. You should get yours today or tomorrow in the mail and it includes a picture. (I just took a sigh of dissapointment)

OK Chick said...

I already bought my fam present. It's a cookbook. I wish we would have thought of this earlier, b/c I would have been for the idea.

I'm sorry about the cards. I just had alot going on...we had the family stuff, school, working, and me planning my wedding. Ok, so I'm not planning my wedding, but it's been a busy winter. I'm excited to get your card. I might send out Easter cards.

TC said...

OKChick, unlike all the radio stations in OK, only dedicates ONE post to Christmas, not every post from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

Yes, I soooo agree!!!!! :)

I've only seen the reindeer cars ONCE so far, so I thought it was cute. Too many more though, and I'd be worried about mankind.

And yeah, he's never getting that man card back: no way, no how.

I sent out cards, but they were all later than normal: having to do 300 for my office kind of put a damper on my card writing spirit.

Bone said...

Ugh, please no reindeer horns. Please make it stop.

That has to be the worst invention since putting snowmen and Christmas trees on sweatshirts.

Merry Christmas and Happy Festivus, blogger friend.