Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I’m going to try something new with Ramblings. I’m going to add pictures. I think it’s a nice touch. Translation: I don't want to do my homework, so I'm doing useless things to occupy my time.

Fall has arrived. It’s been in the 50s when I go to work, and 80s when I leave work. Fall always reminds me of NYC. I have no idea why. When I went to The Big Apple is was 20 degrees, about thirty degrees below my ideal weather conditions.
But it has been nice to have the cooler weather. Really, I can’t complain this has been the best summer. It really wasn’t hot. Speaking of hot, The Farmer’s Almanac is saying next year, 2008’, will be the hottest year of the century. Doesn’t that make you want to jump for joy?

So I’m doing the whole school thing again. Right now I’m taking two classes, one being Finance. Man, I am stupid when it comes to Finance. Last night I was working on my homework and it took me three hours. I spent a good hour searching my Finance book for an example of calculating the price of bonds. When I thought I’d solved the problem I yelled, “I’m a freakin’ genus!” Then about twenty minutes later, I found out I’d done it wrong. It was a real downer.

This weekend I am having a garage sale. I’m following Oprah’s advice. If I have not worn it in a year, it’s being put in the garage sale. There’s a lot I have not worn in a year. I have way too many clothes! I could cloth an African village. It’s shameful for one person to have so many clothes. But to be fair, most of the clothes I am selling I’ve had since high school. High school. I am in my mid-twenties; I believe they have gotten their moneys worth. I have a problem getting rid of clothes. I mean, what if they come back in style. Also they still fit, I don’t want to get rid of something that still fits. See why I have so many clothes. I can’t part with them. But I’m down sizing, and staying down sized. I promise I am!

My company is a new company. Old company sold us + new company buying us = NEW COMPANY! And guess what we decided to bring back? Cookie Tuesday! When I heard of this news I was so excited! For the new readers, Cookie Tuesday is where I get a cookie every Tuesday. It’s actually a huge deal for me, if you can’t tell. Ok, the truth in all this- the cookies are for a weekly meeting. After the meeting we can eat any leftover cookies. My goofy coworker and I just named it Cookie Tuesday, which caught on among other coworkers. But I’m way excited about Cookie Tuesday coming back.

Tomorrw The GREAT State Fair of Oklahoma starts. The Village People will be performing. I’m SO sad I can’t go. If I didn’t have class I would be all over The Village People concert. Who doesn’t want to see old guys sing and dance?


Stacey said...

I was just thinking last weekend I need to have a garage sale. I have some much "stuff" that I need to get rid of because I don't use it.

I have only "officially" been the the State Fair here once (the unoffical times were for concerts and we didn't do anything but go to the concert). My home state's fair is literally in our back yard, so we always went to that several times while it was in town. Village People...that could be scary!

Bone said...

I'm exactly like you are about clothes. I have this one purple plaid-like flannel shirt that I keep hoping will come back in style.

Cute pic. I miss NY.

Joe said...

Great rambles!

I love NYC. It's one of my most favorite places in the world. So much excitement, so much life. Just a great place.

I, too, and doing the school thing again. I am doing a masters degree in I feel your pain. I hate math...hate it. And now...all of my classes have a ton of math in them. Yikes!