Friday, September 21, 2007


Blogger World, I need your help. I have been pondering this question for quite some time. I have simply not come up with a suitable answer, therefore I’m reaching out for help. Here’s the question: Where should I go on my next Singles Trip, or SCT as I like to call them? I know you were expecting a different question, maybe something more life shattering?

But I really do need help. I am clueless on where the next SCT will take place. SCT are my single crazy trips I take every year. I reward myself for surviving another year as a single person with an exotic trip. Ok, so they’re not all exotic trips but they are always fun trips. I decided after college that the world is a big place and I wanted to see all of it while being single! I realize you can travel when you are married; but since I’m not, I’m going to take full advantage of my freedom.

Every year around this time I start finalizing plans for my SCT. I usually take my trips in February, cheapest time to travel. But due to going back to school, this year’s 08’ SCT has been postponed until August 08’. I thought a graduation reward and SCT # 5 could be combined, another excuse to make SCT # 5 HUGE!

I have come up with a few ideas but nothing is really sticking me as the perfect SCT. Here are my ideas…
Arizona- Health spa. It’s a spa where you take cooking classes, hikes through mountains, bike on awesome trails, run, do lots of aerobics, and meet other health nuts like myself.
Beijing, China- Summer Olympics. I’ve wanted to go to the Summer Olympics since 2001. I was in Beijing when the Olympics committee announced Beijing would host the 2008’ Summer Olympics. I thought it would be neat to go back to Beijing to see all the renovations that took place for the Olympics.

Two ideas. I’ve only come up with two ideas. See, I need help. Surely, someone out in Blogger World has been on an awesome vacation? Help me out! Blogger World where do you suggest I go this year?


Holly said...

I go on awesome vacations. Sometimes with you. I have even been on one of your SCTs! Let's see...I would suggest that you go to a new about South America...I might go there with you.

Bone said...

Here are my suggestions:

1. Alaska

2. Japan

3. Seattle

Well, I mean, those are places I want to go, along with back to New York.

TC said...

Ooooh, let me think on this! I'll probably have so many ideas for you that you'll fast become annoyed with them :)

August is an expensive time to travel, something I know well, but it's also a PERFECT time of year to travel to many, many locations.

I'll be back with suggestions :)

Suzy said...

I suggest Iceland. I am dying to go there but I can't find anyone to go with me. I've even been doing some research on things to do. Plus if we go we are used to the cold after traveling to NY in Feb!

OK Chick said...

I met someone that just got back from Iceland. They loved it. They said it's really 35 to eat a meal that would cost 15 here. I don't know if I can afford it right now. But they had great stories at the place.

Kara said...

Haven't been to Iceland but have been to Norway which was insanely expensive (as in $15 for a distinctly average hamburger!) and apparently Iceland is even more so.

February would be a perfect time to come to New Zealand but August we're freezing, wet and pretty miserable - unless you love skiing/snowboarding in which case we're great!

However if you're after some warmth I would go for:

1) Barcelona
2) Rome
3) Northern California (around Lake Tahoe)

heather hub said...

that arizona place sounds so cool.

TC said...

OK, I've done some thinking. Both of the ideas you currently have are amazing, but I have a couple others to toss your way.

1. Alaska (Yes, I know Bone already mentioned it, but I thought I'd elaborate). If you go LATE August and stay center/north, you have the potential to see the aurora borealis, which are spectacular in Alaska. I've seen them several times growing up in Wisconsin, but it's nothing like what they are like that far north. They like dance across the sky. Plus, there is still a lot of daylight in AK that time of year: 18ish hours. I highly recommend it.

2. Prague/Bratislava/Budapest I haven't been to Budapest, but I've heard it's amazing, and its proximity to both Pragua and B'lava make it a good stop. Prague is gorgeous, and for a large European city, reasonably priced. Bratislava is a really cool city (don't believe Eurotrip: there are some photos on my blog of it) and SUPER cheap.

3. Ireland I really wish I'd had more time to spend in Ireland last time I was there, but it's pretty much magical. There is so much to see and do, from an amazing coastline, to ancient castles, to hidden villages.

4. California's Northern Coast I don't know how much you like to drive, but if you like to spend time in the car, like to camp, and spend a lot of time outdoors, this is a great trip. Throw in the Oregon coast and you'll really be set.

5. Isla Mujeres A half hour ferry ride from Cancun, this little island is a lot of fun. Pretty much everything you'd imagine from touristy Mexico, but still fairly small. And gorgeous. I have never seen water that color in my life before.

6. Argentina I have not personally been, but a good friend from college and old roommate used to live there. Her photos and stories are AMAZING. And... it's super cheap to do all of the things you want, which is an added bonus.

Good luck! :-) It should be exciting to see what you end up deciding!