Monday, August 6, 2007

"You think they will shoot me if I kiss you"

I’m a sucker for romance. I love to read romance novels. Ok, before we go any farther with this post I want to clarify romance novels. I’m not talking about the novels where a half naked lady and a big strong man occupy the cover. I like the cute romance novels-boy meets girl, boy asks girl out, and then get married. The realistic novels, the ones where it makes you believe it is possible to meet a man, have him ask you out, and then get married. I think my romance novel fetish is perfectly normal and healthy. If I can’t have the wonderful romance life, at least I can read about it!

Along with the cute romance novels, I also enjoy romantic comedies. I don’t find this odd one bit. All women enjoy a good romantic comedy. Hello, Julie Roberts and Meg Ryan wouldn’t be famous if we didn’t! But I’m not talking about those romantic comedies; I’m talking about the ones high school girls like. Yes, I’m a big fan of teenybopper romance movies. I know it’s shameful but I love them! My new favorite movie is a teenybopper romance. I discovered it about a month ago. I loved it so much I went to Wally World and purchased the DVD. Chasing Liberty is my new favorite. It stars Mandy Moores and some other semi-famous actor/actresses. The reason I love this movie is for a couple reasons. 1. It takes place in Europe
2. A really cute guy is in it.

Blogging world meet my new crush…

Isn’t he dreamy??? In the movie he’s a Secret Service Agent. Why are Secret Service Agents in movies so cute? Jason Bourne, this guy, the guy in the Katie Holmes movie (where she’s the President's daughter), and the movie where Colin Farrell is SSA. Are all SSA cute? I don’t know one so I’m really asking. Anyway, this is Matthew Goode-new crush.

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Stacey said...

I'm with you on the teeny-bopper romance movies. I'll watch them over and over again. And I LOVE this one. I think I saw it one night when I used to have ABC Family. Definately some good lines in that movie!