Wednesday, August 8, 2007

My reasons for loving OKC

This morning I was reading Good Girl Lit, which is one of my new favorite blogs. Today’s post is about how great San Francisco is. As I was reading the post I thought to myself…I should do a post about OKC. True, San Francisco is pretty cool but Oklahoma City is cool too.

OKC has come a long ways in my twenty-six years. I grew up outside of OKC and didn’t intend to live here forever. I always figured I’d leave after I got older and was married. Well now I’m older, not married, and still living here. Each day I’m finding it harder by the day to leave.

So to retaliate to Good Girl Lit, here are my reasons for loving OKC.

1. Bricktown. We have our very own version of San Antonia’s Riverwalk, and it’s located in Bricktown. The Cannel is stocked with water taxis ready to carry you to restaurants, shops, clubs, or hotels that line the Cannel. Also, if you’re Bricktown during a baseball game you can catch the fireworks after a game.

2.The food. Sure we have our share of chains, but we also have some very cool and delicious locally owned places. My favorite is a sandwich joint called City Bites. I rate food this high because I love eat.

3. Football. Here in OK you are either a Sooner or a Cowboy. Many states have more than two major state universities, which splits the state. But Oklahoma we keep it simple- you either bleed Crimson or bleed Orange.

4. Lake Hefner. Most of the lakes in Oklahoma are man made. Since we can just make a lake, we decided to put on in the middle of OKC. Lake Hefner is great for taking the sail boat out for a spin, if you own one and I don’t.

5. Tornados. Yes, OKC is in the middle of Tornado Alley. Spring is a super exciting time around here.

6. Marathon. I know most cities have marathons, but we have ours to honor people. Every year around the end of April, thousands of people run through the streets of OKC to honor people that died in the OKC bombing.

7. Stockyards. Yes, we have stockyards in OKC. If you want the best hamburger in town you need to go there. Hey, we have to keep the cowboy spirit alive!

8. Traffic. We don’t have any. Sure, we have some rush hour traffic but it’s nothing like Houston, NYC, LA, or any other monstrous city.

9. Paseo District. Walk through the Paseo District and you feel like you’ve just gone through Portland, Oregon. Paseo is the Art District of OKC. There are many art galleries throughout this mini district, along with some of the greatest restaurants in OKC. Paseo is a great place to wonder the streets and listen to the music of local bands.

10. Shakespeare in the Park. The name pretty much explains it, but in the summer you can catch a Shakespeare play while sitting in the comfort of your own lawn chair.

I think I should work for the state and write our brochure!

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